Why Choose LWL


Why Buy an LWL Trailer?

When you are looking for a new trailer in Eastern Canada,  why shouldn’t you have a quality product that is made by Eastern Canadians for Eastern Canadians?  Our slogan is “Trailers that work”.  We design our trailers to be smooth riding,  and tough for our conditions.  Take a look below to see some of the things that LWL prides itself in.


LWL has taken every step that it can,  to make your trailer lighter and stronger.  We use 3 inch junior eye beam crossmembers which weigh 2.9 lbs per foot and is 13% stronger than the common 3 inch channel crossmembers which weigh 4.1 lbs per foot.  Being lighter and stronger allows you to load more weight to get your jobs done faster.

No Tubing.

Where possible LWL doesn’t design trailers with tubing.  Tubing rusts from the inside out. Moisture gets inside of the tubing and this starts the rusting process.  Typically within 5 years some tubing will have to be replaced.  LWL tries to only use channels and I beams in their trailers.  Channel and I beam are open so it doesn’t allow the moisture to get in.  Having your main frame open like keeps the moisture out allowing your frame to provide you with years of trouble free use.


Lights are part of the safety system on all trailers and with any safety system you want reliability. All of the LWL brand of trailers have their own tail lights encased in a steel box to prevent the damage caused by road debris thrown up by the tires.  LWL also uses small round LED lights for its clearance and marker lights.  These extra steps will give you piece of mind when putting your trailer to work.

100% Sandblasting

To ensure that all of the mill scale, oil, and dirt comes off your steel before priming,  since 2007 LWL has sandblasted each and every trailer that it manufactures.  This extra step allows the primer to bond better to the bare steel to provide years of great protection from salt and road debris.

Warranty and Service.

LWL has the longest offered warranty in the business.  A full 5 year structural warranty is offered on its premium line of trailers.   Dexter also provides a 5 year warranty on their torflex axles.  This combination is second to none.  All of our LWL dealers  works with us in helping to provide coverage in your area.


To sum it all up,  LWL tries to provide you with a quality trailer that is going to work in your area.  We know how harsh mother nature can be  and we take that thought process into each and every trailer that we make.   Having a trailer that is well built, safe and reliable is


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