The wide world of axles

Axles are made by manufacturers all over the world.  They come in every style, shape and form.  When choosing a new trailer,   a great question to ask is “what style and shape of axles should I go with?”  In this blog we will try to touch on a few of the commonly asked questions about axles.


When choosing to buy  a new trailer from a dealer,  a very important question to ask is what kind of axles are on the trailer?  By selecting a trailer with a reputable axle under it,  will save you time, money and it will give you piece of mind.  In our opinion Dexter axles is the number one axle on the market today.   They have been around forever and have state of the art facilities with automated machines to ensure quality components are put together safely and effectively.

Some trailer manufactures on the market today are making there own axles.   They want to be more price competitive.  This can be a risky venture if the quality control steps get overlooked at the time of making your trailer.  We always will recommend purchasing quality running gear to put on your trailer.  Spending a little bit more up front will save you on costly repairs later down the road.


The two most common types of axles that we will be talking about are Spring Axles and Torflex Axles.

Spring Axles

Spring axles have been around forever.  They are a trusted, tried and true suspension system.  The leaf springs main job is to absorb the shock,  from the weight that is on your trailer.  The leafs springs do this so you can maintain a smooth ride heading down the road.  Eventually spring axles like everything will require a bit of maintenance.  You will have to replace bushings, shackles and sometimes,  springs.  Like all moving parts they wear out in time and need to be replaced.     Choosing the proper spring axle configuration is important when deciding on your new trailer.  Speaking with your dealer or the manufacturer is a good idea before making your purchase.

Torflex Axles

Torflex axles are made up of a torsion arm suspension which is completely contained in the tube of the axle.  It also has mounting brackets on them to mount the axle to the frame of your trailer.  The torsion arm on the outside rotates under load to help aid in a smooth ride.  Torflex axles are virtually maintenance free.    Dexter does  offer a 5 year warranty as well on these axles.  They are a much more smoother riding suspension than spring axles,  and when deciding on your new trailer,  you can choose different angles on the torsion arm to help raise or lower your trailer depending on your needs.

In the picture below you can see how the torsion arm rotates.



LWL only uses Dexter running gears and components.  We firmly believe that your only choice is to purchase a trailer with name brand axles on them,  and Dexter is at the front of the pack.




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