Tilting Trailers

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Hi again folks.  In this blog we would like to cover tilt deck trailers.  We hope to talk about why they are helpful and some of the common uses for them.

Safe and Efficient.

Most contractors and construction workers today like everyone else have a safety first mind set. Typically trailers  come with ramps.  Ramps are a great item to get your equipment on and off your trailer.  Ramps are also heavy and noisy. ( I am not trying to beat up trailers with ramps at all)  The advantage of a tilting deck trailer is that they are safe to use.   I mean that in a variety of ways.  They are safer on the back.  You don’t have to lift, and slide out ramps any more which can cause an injury to you or your staff.    Being able to pull a lever and let the whole deck  (or partial deck in some applications) tilt will save your back and save you time.  When the deck tilts, you can back your machine off and get to work.  Most decks will stay tilted until you ready to load again.  And driving on is a breeze. The deck will tilt back down,  you tie your load and your on your way home.


Tilt deck trailers can be used for almost anything.  The biggest thing with any trailer (not just tilt decks) is how wide they are in between the fenders.  This will ensure that your machine will get on without damaging your trailer.  Common uses are people with mini skid steers or mini excavators.   The ease of use is really appealing to people who are putting them to work everyday.


Typically there are a couple of variations of tilt decks and depending on your needs will help determine which is the right one for you.


The first type is a “full” tilt deck.  That means that the whole deck tilts when you are loading or unloading your equipment.  These are great if you have a tractor with just one attachment or a scissor lift.  Having the whole deck tilts allows you to drive your equipment on and off safely.  *Shown above is a “Deckover Tilt” that allows wider equipment to be safely loaded.

The second type is what we call an “Industrial Tilt Deck”  In this application part of the front deck doesn’t tilt.   This is a really nice feature if you are hauling a piece of gear that has a couple of attachments.  It allows you to put your second piece on the stationary deck and still be able to unload your trailer.  These stationary decks are offered in different lengths so sometimes you can get them long enough to even be able to put a second machine up front.   The possibilities really go a long way with this type of versatile trailer.


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