Galvanized Trailers

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What is  Hot Dipped Galvanizing?     Hot Dipped Galvanizing is a process of immersing steel in a bath consisting of 98% pure molten zinc.   Basically all that means is the steel gets a bath and the metallurgical reaction forms a coating bond, that is stronger than the typical painting process.  After the trailers get “dipped” and galvanized,  the galvanized steel provides a durable scratch- resistant coating that maintains the integrity of the steel.

Hot Dipped Galvanizing steel commonly provides maintenance free corrosion protection for 75 years or more !!!

The zinc is grey in color,  it leaves all the steel in this color.  A common saying we hear from people is, “Galvanized trailers, you either love them or hate them”  People say this for two reasons.  Galvanizing isn’t that appealing,  it’s ugly.  It actually gets better looking with age.  But the advantages are huge.  It simply doesn’t rust and it lasts 10 times longer than a painted trailer.  Trailers, painted,  typically last 7 to 10 years before you have to look at refinishing them.  This can be a costly venture when you have to start taking all of the planks and lighting off, to re clean the steel to apply new paint.  The nice thing about galvanizing is do it once and your done.


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